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Do not buy used second-hand helmets for your motorcycle!
4 views · Apr 11, 2022
Buying a used second-hand helmet for your motorcycle is not a smart idea. I'll give you 6 reasons why you shouldn't buy a second-hand helmet.

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#1: Helmets expire after a couple of years
A polycarbonate helmet lasts for about 4 years. A composite helmet will last for 6 to 7 years. You'll have to replace your helmet after this time.

#2: Personal hygiene
A helmet will suck up all the sweat and grease from your hair and face. I wouldn't wear a helmet full of the dirty stuff from the previous owner.

#3 A helmet is useless after dropping it to the ground
A helmet is made out of layers. These layers are designed to absorb a part of the impact. The layers will be compressed when you drop your helmet. Your helmet will be useless next time you fall on the same spot. That's why you have to replace your helmet once you've dropped it.

#4 The helmet shall can be broken
Besides compressing the layers, a fall can also break the helmet shell. You cannot see this, since it's inside the helmet. A broken shell will over very little protection. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if the shell is broken or not. That's another reason why you shouldn't buy a used helmet.

#5 Shape of the helmet
Every head is differently shaped. You should buy a helmet that is shaped to your head. Some are round and some are oval. 

#6 The interior shapes to your head
On top of that, the interior of your helmet will shape to your head. A second-hand helmet will be shaped to the previous owner's head, not yours.

#7 The materials will wear out
This is actually the reason that there is an expire date for helmets. The material loses it's absoption power, making it less impact proof. An old helmet will be less safe.
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